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Everything you want to know about rear window graphics for your car or truck.
  • The Importance of Displaying Your Patriotic Decals

    A whopping 51% of people surveyed on their American pride said they were "extremely proud" to be American.

    The Importance of Displaying Your Patriotic DecalsOur team sides with that majority when it comes to patriotism. We believe that showcasing your US pride is an important activity that promotes positive things in our culture.

    That's why we're such big proponents of patriotic decals!

    Whether you're showcasing patriotic decals in your home, on your car, or anywhere else, you're doing something really special.

    Below, we share with you 4 reasons why displaying patriotic decals is a great thing to do.

    1. Support for Our Troops There's no denying the fact that America affords its citizens freedoms that a lot of countries in the world envy.

    Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom to come and go as you please... the list goes on.

    Defending that way of life are millions of men and women who protect our country's interests from foreign powers who, if given the chance, might work to take advantage of us.

    When you show off your patriotic decals, you show off your love for the people who have given their lives so you can live yours.

    2. A Symbol of Appreciation There's a lot of divisiveness in today's America. That polarization mostly stems from differences in political opinions.

    While there's validity to both sides of most political arguments, something we can all agree on is the fact that we're a country that's protected by a constitution which affords us freedoms not seen in many countries in the world.

    We're a county that has the power to exercise democratic principals to change things that we don't like. We're a country that's run by the people and for the people.

    All of those basic truths are worth showing appreciation for and patriotic decals help you do that.

    3. Celebration of Unity No matter where you're from or what you believe in, the second you become a citizen of the United States, you're part of a brotherhood and sisterhood of people. You're a member of a family that leads the world in thought and in culture in many regards.

    Our flag and what it represents is our shared symbol and you showcasing it via decals is a powerful way to celebrate it.

    4. Pride in Our Present and Faith in Our Future A lot of people dismiss patriotism by saying that America is far from a perfect place. We agree it's not perfect.

    Just because something is imperfect, though, doesn't mean it's not worth taking pride in.

    As Americans, we have made strides through our democracy to make sure our country's laws best embody our core values.

    Take pride in that progress and show appreciation for how far we've come. Proudly showcase your decals a symbol of your appreciation for our today and for your faith in our tomorrow!

    Wrapping Up The Importance of Displaying Your Patriotic Decals Displaying patriotic decals speaks volumes to your support of our incredible nation. If you're ready to start showcasing your pride in America, our team can help.

    Browse our selection of high-quality, 100% satisfaction guaranteed patriotic vinyl decals and place your order today!

  • Advertising Techniques For Small Business - inexpensive and effective with a custom rear window graphic!

    Advertising Techniques For Small Business – inexpensive and effective with a custom rear window graphic!

    With the economy the way it's been, now more than ever, companies are looking for ways to advertise their small businesses.   Adding a custom rear window graphic to your car or truck will get you, on average, 2.6 million impressions annually!  And at Custom Vinyl Graphics, a custom rear window graphic starts at only $139.  It's no wonder why so many companies choose Custom Vinyl Graphics for their custom rear window graphic. They're easy to apply and easy to remove when you no longer want it.

    You can show off your logo, show projects that you've completed, advertise your website or storefront.  It's up to you.  And, if you don't know what you should do, a designer can help you along the way.  We've designed thousands of custom rear window graphics and we know how to get you the leads your small business is looking for.

    Remember, we don't just have you upload a file... you have a real graphic designer working with you on your design.  We'll work with you until you say "approved"!  And don't forget to view our easy instructions to help you install your new custom rear window graphic.  Feel free to view some of the rear window graphic jobs we've completed, or to email us for more information at [email protected].  We look forward to working with you!

  • Custom Decals For Your Car And Business

    Custom Decals For Your Car And Business

    Rear Window Graphics And Custom Wall Decals | Custom Vinyl Graphics

    Whether you’re looking to express yourself and your own unique views, or you’re looking to promote your small business, a custom wall decal or a custom rear window graphic is a fantastic choice.

    At Custom Vinyl Graphics, that’s our specialty – it’s in our name, after all! We offer a huge selection of premade rear window graphics, and we also specialize in custom projects. Learn more now!

    Creating Custom Decals – What You Need To Know About Our Process!

    We make it completely simple to create custom rear window graphics. At our website, you can simply upload your printer-ready image, choose your vehicle’s make, model, and style, and we’ll start making your graphic right away!

    Alternatively, for an extra fee, one of our professional graphic designers will help redesign your graphic or decal to make it even more impactful, and ensure that you get a maximum return on your investment.

    We also offer custom vinyl wall decals for businesses. Whether you’re interested in decorating your workspace, or creating a beautiful, life size logo to use in your office, it’s easy to get started with Custom Vinyl Graphics!

    The Benefits Of Custom Decals For Your Car And Business

    Wondering how your business can benefit from custom wall decals and rear window decals? Find out now!

    * Free advertising whenever you drive (or park) – Rear window decals are a fantastic way to advertise your business. Whether you operate a business out of your vehicle, such as a plumbing company, or you own any other kind of small business, a rear window decal with your company’s logo and information is a great way to promote your services – no matter where you go! And because your car is visible whether you’re driving or parked, you’ll benefit twice as much from all of this free advertising!

    * Better brand awareness – A wall graphic can help build better brand awareness of your business, and make the interior of your business more sophisticated and professional – boosting brand awareness on the part of your customers. The same is true of a rear window graphic. The more people see it, the more they will be aware of your brand, and your business!

    * Great return on investment – For less than $200, you can get a top-quality vinyl rear window decal, or a wall decal from Custom Rear Window Graphics, and it will last for years to come! That means that a decal from us is a fantastic long-term investment.

    Shop Now – And Boost Your Business With Vinyl Decals Today!

    We use only the highest quality materials and finishing techniques for all of our vinyl decals. And with our team of in-house graphic designers available to you, you’re sure to get fantastic results – no matter what kind of decal you create! And what’s more… we offer unlimited proofs! You can tweak your project as many times as you want and there’s never any additional fees. So don’t wait, and visit our website now to get started with your custom vinyl decal project.

  • The Top Reasons Why People Regret Tattoos and the Best Alternative “Canvases”

    Have you been considering getting a tattoo? Maybe you were thinking about an emblem on your wrist, across your bicep, or on your lower back? Whatever image you may have been thinking about getting inked on your body, recent statistics about tattoo regret say that you may just want to stop and think again. Recent studies that polled tattoo bearers found that one third of them wished they had never gotten their tattoo. The reasons vary from person to person, but regardless, those with tattoos often regret their decisions.

    However, only about half of those tattoo wearers will pursue getting their tattoos removed as the removal options come with their own problems and a high price tag. Before jumping into a permanent decision, try getting your custom image printed on vinyl by professionals like CustomVinylGraphics. Try out the image on your wall, laptop, or truck: testing out your image in advance may prevent you from joining the one third of tattoo wears who are regretting their tattoos.

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  • Express Yourself… Through Truck Window Decals

    I remember getting my first vehicle like it was yesterday. A used black Toyota 4Runner that I nicknamed “The Beast” because it was big, loud and had to be fed regularly as it had a small oil leak that could not be fixed despite many attempts. To cement the name I put a bull sticker on the rear window and cut out letters to let everyone know its name. Not a day would go by that someone didn’t say “nice truck” and a comment about the decals would usually follow.









    The Beast in all her glory

    My love for that truck knew no bounds, and the time and energy I spent keeping it running and looking sharp was endless. Unfortunately, time and rough roads slowly took its toll and I had to move on as the maintenance became too expensive.

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  • Why Mud Runners love this new rear window graphic

    Every truck needs a good rear window graphic and what could be better than our Off to Another Mud Run rear window graphic.  This fun graphic is perfect for you if you love mud runs and want to promote the sport you have grown to love.  Mud runs are becoming more and more popular and are great fun for anyone no matter what age… and so is this graphic.

     Mud Run decal for truckThe decal shows the words “off to another mud run!” It gives the look of something hand-written in a window that appears to be covered in mud.  The graphics are so good on this decal that people will think your rear window is actually covered in mud!  If you’ve done a mud run, you know how dirty you get… why not make your truck look the same?  This decal will be the talk of the parking lot!

    This rear window graphic is not only great for a truck that you take to mud runs, but it would also look great on a jeep or any other off-road vehicle that has a rear window to put it on.  A graphic like this is for someone that is free spirited and likes to have a good time especially when they are ramrodding their way through giant mud puddles out in the backcountry.  The best part about this graphic is that although it looks like muds covers your entire window, you can actually see through it just fine!  The muddy graphic only looks like that to people that are looking at it from outside.  From the inside you can easily see out of your rear window because it is printed on perforated vinyl.

    Getting a rear window graphic can really make a statement about your personality and interests.  There are decals that are for those that want to show their patriotism, or those that want to make others smile and to feel good, and then there are those graphics that just let people know that you like to have a good time.  This is one of those graphics!  This Mud Run truck window decal lets other people know that you’re not afraid to get a little dirty and that you like to have a good time doing it!

    Check out other new decals for trucks that have been added!

  • Honor A Fallen Soldier With A Rear Window Graphic

    Many people have contacted us to design rear window graphics of family or friends who have passed away.  Like a tattoo, they feel that using a rear window graphic is the perfect way to honor someone special to their heart.

    honor a fallen soldier with a rear window graphic Like a tattoo, a rear window graphic honors a fallen soldier

    Do you know a fallen soldier that paid the ultimate price for our country?  In respect of those who have lost their lives to war, we offer our design services free of charge.  This offer is a token of our thanks to the fallen soldier for his/her role in keeping our nation safe.

    The design is completely up to you... most put a photo of their loved one with a backdrop of the American Flag.  The soldier's name, data of birth and departure can be displayed along with any other text or photos you may want to add.

    Express your pride and gratitude of your fallen soldier and remind the world that freedom has been upheld by a soldier's life. Your car or truck will ground those who may be annoyed at the traffic or some other trivial issue in their life. In this fast-paced world, people often forget what the military puts on the line for us each day. The subtle reminder on your truck's rear window is a great way to keep these thoughts in the forefront of everyone's mind.

    This is not a sales pitch to sell more rear window graphics.  In fact, it is our hope that we never sell another... and that all of our troops return home safely.

    God bless our troops.

  • Rear window graphics replace body tattoos!

    If you’re interested in body tattoos or piercings, you may also be interested in modifying your car to reflect your own personal style as well. There is no way to do this better than with a custom rear window decal or custom vinyl. Putting these window graphics on your car is essentially the same as tattooing it and by customizing your truck or SUV you can certainly turn heads while you're out driving around.

    Doing these custom rear window graphics is extremely affordable. While a tattoo may cost hundreds of dollars these custom window graphics can be Don't get a tattoo! Get a rear window decal!purchased and applied for just over $100. You can perform a serious truck or SUV modification to advertise your business, display your style, or even decorate your vehicle with pictures that you enjoy.

    Back window graphics are quite easy to create, painless to apply and easy to remove as well.  With a body tattoo you run the risk that the graphic may not turn out the exact same way that you wanted. You really trust in the artist, when getting a custom rear window graphic the match is 100% the same. The process for creating these custom rear window decals has each customer send in their payment online, upload their photo and then have the truck window graphic mailed directly to their home address.

    Each and every order is also created with the help of a professional designer. Rather than having you design your own window decal, and experience designer will make sure that you can get your design just right and that the window decal will be what you envisioned. Ensuring that you have the right resolution as well as the right types of graphics, and working with the designer will help you to create the most attractive custom rear window decal possible for your vehicle.

    Installing the window graphic is extremely easy and works much the same as a large sticker would. It’s also easy to remove from your car if you decide to change your truck or if you would like to try another back window graphics.

    Each and every back window graphic is also backed by a guarantee. With a tattoo, many tattoo artists will charge you for touch-ups.  However, a back window graphic design goes through a series of emailed proofs so that if it is not done right the first time you can e-mail back any changes that you would like done and receive another proof absolutely free.

    Drive using one of these back window graphics is also not dangerous in any way possible. The outside will display the colors vividly but on the inside you will be able to see through your window just as easily as you could without the graphic on. They’re completely safe to use with rear defrosters, wipers and in car washes and only come off when you want them to.

    If you’re interested in customizing your vehicle with images that you enjoy, or want to advertise your business, do not hesitate to order a custom rear window graphic to have a truly unique truck or SUV.We also new categories for decals for trucks that you can check out!

  • New truck window graphic categories added!

    Check out our newest categories of rear window graphics! Browse through Officially Licensed "Cowboy Up" truck window graphics ("Cowgirl Up too!), rear window graphics of Birds, all different kinds of Flag truck window decals (American, Rebel, Gay Pride and much more!), Ocean Life and Scenic views. These new categories help finding what you want even easier!cowboy up rear window graphic

    View these or view all rear window decals and let us know what you think!

  • If you have a tattoo, why not get a decal for your car or truck?

    Tattoos signify a strong sense of individuality in those who adorn them and flaunt them on their body. They show commitment and belonging as they are a permanent addition to one’s skin. Car decals and truck decals; the large graphics that you see on automobiles are similar to a tattoo on the human body; they reflect the individuality and commitment of its owner and the positive side of his personality. If you are a tattoo enthusiast, it is high time you consider a decal for your car or truck, and show your personality to the world outside. It can be a great way of getting instant recognition on the road.

    Selecting car decals and truck decals can be a tricky business just like tattooing.

    Custom Vinyl Graphics is an expert company at making decals, and you can trust them as much as you would trust a tattoo maker with your body. is an online superstore, well known for its car decals, rear window decals and vinyl pinstriping. They have a huge array of over 1,000 graphics in their catalog.

    Searching for tattoo designs can be really daunting, and taking the final plunge means you will not have regrets later, but not so with car and truck decals. Custom Vinyl Graphics has graphics that reflect your personality and the tattoo you may already have, or still you may order a customized one to your liking. Products are categorized by style and are available in different sizes; from 3 inches to 3 feet, from one color to full color. All to ensure that you receive the exact graphic that you want.

    Buying car decals and truck decals from Custom Vinyl Graphics is similar to ordering a tattoo for your body. They guarantee you quality, clean concise services minimum 1+ year warranty on the product... all with their famous Lowest Price Guarantee. The products you will order from them are all made from superior quality materials and the warranty they give on the product reflects the confidence they have with the quality of their products.

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