Rear Window Graphics & Vinyl Pinstriping

  • Get the Hard Facts on How Vehicle Wrap Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

    You’re sitting in a traffic jam during your hour long commute to work, and you’re getting bored. Instead of staring at the red brake lights in front of you, you glance around and examine the other cars. There is a van next to with an advertisement for a carpet cleaner business, a FedEx truck making deliveries, and an insurance company vehicle in the lanes near you. What you don’t realize is that you have just been advertised to by one of the most cost-effective and far-reaching methods of mobile media available.

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  • Truck Decals: Tips for Application and Removal

    Truck decals offer a temporary option for those who want to personalize their vehicle without committing to a custom paint job. While decals can be used as a decorative element, they also can be used to draw attention to business trucks. According to Wheels research, 91% of individuals who saw a graphic placed on a truck were able to recall the image several days later. This means, that a strategically placed decal is guaranteed to make an impression. While truck decals will make a truck stand out, it is important to make sure they are applied properly to ensure a smooth appearance. Here are the top tips for truck decal application and removal that will lead to perfect results every time.

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  • 3 Positive Solutions to Stop Your Child from Ruining Your Walls

    Children can provide so much joy in life—their cute smiles, their silly questions, their sweet faces as they sleep. But children can also be mischievous or misguided, and sometimes their behavior doesn’t make them quite as cute. One child behavior that can drive parents crazy is when they do their beautiful artwork all over the walls. If your child has been drawing on the walls, you’ve probably been doing a lot of work cleaning up after them. Before you get frustrated and take away all of their coloring supplies, there are few solutions that can have your children drawing on paper instead of your walls. While there are many solutions to try, if you’re looking to direct your children’s artwork to appropriate places  while also salvaging your previously ruined walls, you can check out wall graphics from Custom Vinyl Graphics to help restore your walls to their former glory.

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  • The Top 3 Ways to Rep Your Home Team








    There are few things in this world that people are as openly passionate about as their sports teams. Fans watch every game, enduring cold weather or terrible losses. They celebrate long hours when their teams win. Fights between fans over their teams are not uncommon. Of course, when you feel that passionately about something, you have to find a way to share it. If you’re looking to support your home team loud and proud, here are some great ways to demonstrate your home team love, whether that’s in your clothes or through your window graphics.

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  • Express Yourself… Through Truck Window Decals

    I remember getting my first vehicle like it was yesterday. A used black Toyota 4Runner that I nicknamed “The Beast” because it was big, loud and had to be fed regularly as it had a small oil leak that could not be fixed despite many attempts. To cement the name I put a bull sticker on the rear window and cut out letters to let everyone know its name. Not a day would go by that someone didn’t say “nice truck” and a comment about the decals would usually follow.









    The Beast in all her glory

    My love for that truck knew no bounds, and the time and energy I spent keeping it running and looking sharp was endless. Unfortunately, time and rough roads slowly took its toll and I had to move on as the maintenance became too expensive.

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  • The Difference Between Car Names and Numbers And What You Should Do About It








    In the 1960s and 1970s, the automobile industry was all about character and showing off your own personality. From your Mustang to your Charger, when friends and family saw your car going down the road, they knew it was yours. That is something that has changed drastically over the years. Replacing Shelby and Cobra are names like the Lexus IS300 or the BMW M5. While these cars show your status symbol within the community, they don't show your individuality like the cars of the past did. What is the difference between the car names of today and the car names of yesterday and how can you give your car its own personality despite its name?

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  • Why Mud Runners love this new rear window graphic

    Every truck needs a good rear window graphic and what could be better than our Off to Another Mud Run rear window graphic.  This fun graphic is perfect for you if you love mud runs and want to promote the sport you have grown to love.  Mud runs are becoming more and more popular and are great fun for anyone no matter what age… and so is this graphic.

     Mud Run decal for truckThe decal shows the words “off to another mud run!” It gives the look of something hand-written in a window that appears to be covered in mud.  The graphics are so good on this decal that people will think your rear window is actually covered in mud!  If you’ve done a mud run, you know how dirty you get… why not make your truck look the same?  This decal will be the talk of the parking lot!

    This rear window graphic is not only great for a truck that you take to mud runs, but it would also look great on a jeep or any other off-road vehicle that has a rear window to put it on.  A graphic like this is for someone that is free spirited and likes to have a good time especially when they are ramrodding their way through giant mud puddles out in the backcountry.  The best part about this graphic is that although it looks like muds covers your entire window, you can actually see through it just fine!  The muddy graphic only looks like that to people that are looking at it from outside.  From the inside you can easily see out of your rear window because it is printed on perforated vinyl.

    Getting a rear window graphic can really make a statement about your personality and interests.  There are decals that are for those that want to show their patriotism, or those that want to make others smile and to feel good, and then there are those graphics that just let people know that you like to have a good time.  This is one of those graphics!  This Mud Run truck window decal lets other people know that you’re not afraid to get a little dirty and that you like to have a good time doing it!

    Check out other new decals for trucks that have been added!

  • Star Wars fans...Turn your car into the Millennium Falcon!

    Star Wars is one of the biggest film franchises out there today. Since the first movie’s release in the 1970’s, Star Wars has captured the hearts of millions of people out there today. The characters and the actors who portrayed them have become pop culture icons, appearing on every piece of merchandise imaginable from lunchboxes, shirts, backpacks, posters, book covers, action figures, and much, much more.Star Wars Rear Window Decal

    The movies have grossed millions worldwide and have been acclaimed by critics. New Stars Wars fans are still being made all the time which started when the movie came out over 40 years ago. To many, Stars Wars was a special part of their childhood. Today, the franchise has spawned books, spinoffs, cartoon series, comic books series, and a variety of other types of media. Added to the vast catalog of merchandise is a custom Star Wars rear window graphic! This graphic is perfect for diehard fans as well as casual fans of the series.

    When applied to the rear window of a car, it gives the illusion that Hans Solo and Chewbacca are riding in the Millennium Falcon contained in the car.  When you look at the graphic from the outside, it appears as if Hans Solo and Chewbacca are within in the car and that the span of outer space is before them. It seems as if the car window itself is looking out towards outer space, one of the many window graphics dedicated to Star Wars. Hans Solo is on the left with Chewy on the right. It is really an amazing example of a rear window car graphic. Star Wars fans will definitely appreciate this, especially since it features one of the iconic scenes from the movie. It will give fans the feeling that they are riding in the Millennium Falcon as well.

    Star Wars fans really like to live the fantasy of being in the Star Wars universe. The world of Star Wars was created in such a way that fans could imagine themselves as one of the heroes of the movies themselves. Fans of the franchise are so dedicated that they go as far as to dress up like characters from the movies.  This rear view window graphic would mean a lot to a fan who has imagined themselves riding in the Millennium Falcon at some point.

    The realism of this graphic is what makes it stand out the most. The way the image pops out on the window would make anyone do a double take. It can definitely rank among the most unique examples of Star Wars merchandise out there.

  • Dodge Challenger vinyl graphics "challenge" the ordinary!

    Adding your own personal touch to your Dodge Challenger is a great way to make your vehicle stand out from others. Many classic muscle cars and many famous movie muscle cars come complete with their own custom decals and markings. These are ways that you can really get noticed and set your car apart. Many have preconceived notions that getting a custom decal job or creating a custom look for your vehicle can be extremely expensive, this couldn’t be further than the truth and there are plenty of different options available to you to start customizing your Dodge Challenger.

    Custom vinyl decals are great and long-lasting way that you can easily customize your car with specialized graphics that can really change the look of your vehicle vinyl graphics for dodge challengerand make it look even more sporty. With options like hood stripes, racing stripes, vent stripes and more, there are plenty of ways that you can experiment with changing the look of your car easily... and affordably.

    With many of the custom Dodge Challenger decals available for less than $100 these can simply be applied to a clean portion of the car’s body the same as a large sticker would.  Different styles and various color options, you can work to make your car look truly unique or to emulate the look of one of your favorite cars from a magazine or movie.   Each one of these vinyl decals is made to fit the year of your specific Dodge Challenger. Featuring years 2008 through 2012 all decals come complete with a one year warranty and many have a vinyl grade option offering a 3 year warranty.

    Payment options are also extremely easy with PayPal available and worldwide shipping for each decal you can be assured that you can easily pay for your order as well as get the best possible price on these Challenger decals. In many cases dealerships and specialty stores will charge double if not triple the amount for the same products in addition to the fee they charge to install them for you. Why pay so much?  Installation of these products can be done yourself extremely easily using our simple application supplies and following our online vinyl graphic application instructions.

    If you have ever wanted to own a Dodge Challenger complete with racing stripes or have a custom look for your car that sets it apart from others, don't hesitate to look into the products that are available for Dodge challengers on our website. With a fairly low cost as well as a simple installation procedure you could easily enhance your car and create a custom look that will really get you and your car noticed. Feel free to read the testimonials on the vinyl graphic website and hear from the satisfied customers who have used these products before. Do not hesitate to ask questions should you have any about these Dodge Challenger vinyl graphics.

  • Personalize Your Ford Mustang with Vinyl Decals

    Customizing your Ford Mustang is a great way to make the vehicle stand out more. There are a variety of options including rocker stripes, rally stripes, racing stripes, c stripes, hood decals along with many vinyl graphics that will make your vehicle truly unique. The Ford Mustang is a quality vehicle with plenty of horsepower, and it is a great vehicle to have for those who wish to exhibit some personality on the road. But because the Ford Mustang is a popular vehicle, it is more frequently seen on the road. Why not take steps in adding the necessary stripes in order to make it more unique and customized?ford mustang vinyl decals

    Although many owners think customizing their Mustang will be expensive... it doesn't have to be!  With the new advances in vinyl and application solutions to help novices apply their graphics, almost anyone can do it themselves!  It is a cheaper way of installing them without relying on auto shops who will charge exorbitant fees for simple installation.

    At Custom Vinyl Graphics, it's easy for car owners to find the decals that are suitable to their specific Mustang.  Just choose your year to see a variety of graphics made to fit the body style of your car.  Car owners will be able to find a wider selection than in stores.  You can find:

    • Mustang Rocker Stripes - Rocker stripes are applied to the lower section of the side of the Mustang.

    • Mustang Racing/Rally Stripes - Rally stripes are sometimes refered to as Racing stripes.  They are most commonly seen as 2 wide stripes, about 8" to 10" wide that start at the front bumper, go on top of the hood, roof and decklid to the rear bumper.

    • Mustang C Stripes - C stripes are made to enhance the body line of the Mustang and look similar to the shape of a "C".

    • Mustang Hood Decals - Hood decals are solid vinyl sheets perfectly cut to accent your Mustangs hood.

    • Mustang Hood Spears - Hood spears are applied to the sides of the Mustang's cowl hood to show off the curves on the hood of the Mustang.

    It is a great thing to own a Ford Mustang, but it is not complete without adding the necessary traits that will make the car compete in personality. It is not only a way of translating an owner’s personality to the car, but owners can give the car its own distinct personality.

    The diverse styles of pinstriping tape will appeal to anyone and will be a great addition to any Ford Mustang from 1994 up to the current 2012 body style. The vinyl stripes look great with any vehicle and make a nice contrast. The colors and designs available will be suitable for any Ford Mustang. The selections offered will allow Ford Mustang owners to use the right colors that best suits their vehicles.

    There is a rich blue color stripe that will go especially well with white or silver Ford Mustangs. There are black stripes to go with lighter color cars as well along with lighter stripes that will work well with darker Ford Mustang colors. Regardless of the color or model or year of your Ford Mustang, there are all kinds of styles that will fit best with any vehicle.

    Check out our large selection of vinyl decals for your own Ford Mustang!

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