Rear Window Graphics & Vinyl Pinstriping

  • Letter to Ellen DeGeneres ;-)

    Dear Ellen,

    To support your endeavor of conquering the world, would like to send you a free custom see through rear window graphic of your "Laugh. Dance. Conquer." flag!  Just think of all the people who will see it on the road in Los Angeles!

    Feel free to contact us if you are interested!


  • Use a rear window graphic to express your personality on the road!

    A rear window graphic is another way to express your personality on your car, truck or SUV.

    Years ago a simple vinyl pinstripe was the only way to set your vehicle apart from others. Today, with full color digital vinyl printers that produce high-resolution photo quality graphics, you can really make a statement on the road.

    rear window graphicFrom American flags to skulls and wolves, across the country drivers are thrilled with the low cost, high impact benefits of rear window graphics. Choose from a premade rear window graphic as low as $74 or have custom make a rear window graphic for only $139!

  • Fantastic product from

    Thank you for a fantastic product!  It looks great on my car!  I will definitely look to for any future needs.

    Thanks again!

    Jon McCoy

  • American Flag Eagle vehicle graphic by Lethal Threat

    One of our newest and most popular vehicle graphics is the new RipNTear USA Graphic from Lethal Threat.  Graphics are stunning digital prints that will enhance any vehicle.  Use this vinyl graphic to accessorize the hood of your car or truck.  Then check out the 2 coordinating side graphics for the doors.

    Please feel free to comment if you like this graphic or not.  View these and other vinyl graphics at

  • Window Canvas sold to Restylers' Choice

    window canvas logo

    Effective January 4, 2010, Restylers'  Choice, LLC acquired the assets of Window Canvas. All of the great rear window graphic designs of Window Canvas are still available from We've been told to look for some exciting changes coming to this product line in the coming months!  As always, offers a lowest price guarantee on all rear window graphics and vinyl pinstriping products.

    View all Window Canvas rear window graphics.

  • Great article that explains self adhesive vinyl

    The article below was great in explaining the different types of vinyl materials used in a vinyl graphics shop.

    We wanted to clarify that vinyl does not have to be applied to banners, but can also be printed right on the banner. Custom Vinyl Graphics digitally prints right on the vinyl material!

    We also want to add one more type of vinyl to the list - perforated vinyl.  This is made up of 50% vinyl and 50% holes, are seen on the rear window of vehicles and are generally called "rear window graphics" or "see through window murals."  It allows customers to see out but provides privacy from customers looking in.

  • Top 2 Ways to Support Your Favorite NFL Team

    NFL Jets rear window graphicWith the 2010 NFL Playoffs in action, here are the top 2 ways to support your favorite NFL team.
    1. On the rear window of your truck
    What better way to support your favorite NFL team, then to apply a rear window graphic of your team's logo to your car, truck or SUV?  These rear window graphics are great.  They allow you to see out of the window but give privacy since people can't see in.
    View the 2010 NFL playoff team graphics here:
    And don't forget that we offer custom rear window graphics so you can show off your favoriate player or stadium.  Or, even use a photo of your family at a game!
    Visit for more information on custom rear window graphics.
    2. On the wall in your office, bedroom, TV room or garage
    NFL Broncos custom wall decalWe can custom make life size wall decals of your favorite team logo or player.  We can even custom make a wall mural of your favorite team stadium so it feels like you are at the game!  Wall decals are removeable and easy to install.  They are available in any size so you can be sure it works well in the space you choose.
    Visit for more information on custom wall decals.
  • How to apply vinyl graphics in colder temperatures

    The colder the temperatures, the longer it takes for everything to occur!  Good application steps should be followed to ensure secure bonding when applying vinyl graphics and vinyl pinstriping in cold, wet weather.  Remember, vinyl reacts differently in temperatures below 50 degrees. Following curves becomes more difficult, and the adhesive process time may double or triple!

    How to apply vinylTips for applying vinyl decals in cold weather:

    • Store your graphic in heat and climate controlled environments. Do not expose material to temperatures below freezing. Application becomes nearly impossible in this scenario. The higher the temperature, the greater the initial bond.
    • Garage your vehicle overnight and keep your shop area heated where vinyl will be applied.
    • Use a heat gun to warm surface of the vehicle, making sure to distribute the heat evenly. Hot spots will cause problems.
    • Always make a clean, dry surface a priority. The application surface must be clean and dry, as in any application. In damp weather, a solution of isopropyl alcohol and water or Rapid Tac application solution can help eliminate wetness and promote adhesion.
    • Use more pressure when applying vinyl. More direct pressure may be needed in applying vinyl products in cold weather. Do not expect the vinyl to react the way it would on a 70 degree day.
    • Squeegee a second or third time after removing premask, using a squeegee sleeve or small towel to protect vinyl from scratching.
    • Allow proper bonding time! It is not advisable to wash the vehicle by hand or in a car wash until the adhesive has had enough time and heat to bond. It could take three days, a week, or more.

    For more "how to" information on vinyl graphics, visit!

  • Political party rear window graphics - new exclusive products

    We are pleased to announce two new rear window graphics by! The Democratic rear window graphic and the Republican rear window graphic.  Each are available in 4 sizes for pickup, car, truck or SUV and are available with or without lamination.

    Our two political parties may not be able to agree on much these days, but we think we can all agree that these new graphics are a great way to show which side of the aisle you are on!  Get one before President Obama’s February State of the Union address!

    About Rear Window Graphics

    Rear window graphics are printed on see through perforated vinyl material.  It has thousands of tiny holes (perforations) in the vinyl which allow you to see out of the window.  However, when you are on the outside of the car or truck, your eyes naturally focus on the image and essentially don't allow you to see inside the vehicle.

    See through rear window graphics are easy to apply.  We recommend two people applying it since it is easier when there are more than 2 hands. They are all trimmed to fit so different angles, wipers, etc do not matter.  They are applied on the outside of the vehicle and you can still use your rear wiper and your defroster.

    Sizes are as follows: pickup - 17" x 56" car - 38" x 60" truck - 20" x 65" SUV - 29" x 66"

    The Benefit of Lamination

    Adding lamination to the graphic is beneficial in two ways.  One, it extends the life of your graphic because it protects it from the weather elements and harmful UV rays.  Two, it increases the safety of the graphic because the lamination is a clear coating that does not allow rain or snow to get inside the small holes and temporarily distort the drivers vision out of the window. is proud to be one of the only companies to offer lamination of our custom rear window graphics.  It is an expensive process and one that we don't make much money on.  However, we are committed to the vinyl graphics industry and want our customers to have a safe and quality product.  Lamination offers both.

    About our Democratic and Republican rear window graphics

    We made these Democratic and Republican rear window graphics because we understand that there are differences within our great country.  However, we believe that we need to focus on our similarities - that we are all proud to be Americans.  Whichever graphic you choose to display on your car or truck is fine with us.

    And as always, feel free to comment if you have an idea for a new rear window graphic that we should offer.

  • Custom wall decal transformed child's room!

    Thanks to the new vinyl graphic design, our son Sean's room was literally transformed into a stadium. With the ballpark backdrop on his wall, Sean's love for baseball came to life. His room no longer looks like a refinished attic but a baseball lover's hideout!  Thanks - we are so glad we found you!

    Susan & Brian, NY

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