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  • Your Step-By-Step Guide to Applying Decals (With No Wrinkles or Bubbles) on a Mustang

    Mustangs are among the most popular cars in the US and are picking up some serious traction abroad in markets like China.

    Given the car's popularity, chances are you have a couple of people living in your neighborhood with a Mustang very similar to yours.

    applying decals applying decals

    We get it, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Still, if you're like us, you want your Mustang to feel like more than just another car on the block.

    Therein lies the value of decals!

    Applying decals to your car is an easy way to give its exterior a punch of personality that will get people's heads turning.

    If you're considering throwing a decal on your Mustang, below, we have some tips on how to make sure your decal is applied to your car without any trouble.

    1. Clean Your Car's Surface

    This applying decals step might seem obvious but you'd be shocked by how many people skip it.

    If you put a decal over a dirty surface, it's not going to stick as well as it typically would and it may look bumpy in sections. Avoid that fate by applying some soapy water to the decal area and washing it until it gleams!

    2. Tape Your Decal at the Top of Where You Want It to Go

    Once the area of your Mustang that you're planning on putting your decal is clean, take your decal and tape it at its top so it's "floating" where you're going to adhere it.

    Take a few steps back and make sure you like the way it looks. You can make adjustments where necessary.

    3. Peel the Decal's Back Paper and Apply with Light Pressure

    Now for the moment of truth... Start to peel your decal's backing paper and lightly press it into place.

    Using light pressure during this step is key because you should still be able to make adjustments to your decal so long as it hasn't been fully pressed onto your Mustang's surface.

    4. Finalize Your Application

    After finessing your decal into place, take a step back again and ensure you like it's positioning. If you do, start pressing it on firmly.

    You may notice some air bubbles during this step. Take a credit card and gently massage them towards your decal's edge.

    Once the application of your patriotic, business or just plain fun decal looks perfect, squeegee over it to solidify its grip!

    Wrapping Up Your Guide to Applying Decals on a Mustang

    Applying decals to a Mustang isn't unlike applying decals anywhere. By following our steps above, you should have no problem ensuring that your decal application process goes off without a hitch!

    In order to put decals on your Mustang, you're going to have to find an awesome place to buy decals from first. Our team has you covered on that front.

    At Custom Vinyl Graphics, we have thousands of decals and other vehicle customization tools you can use to give your car that edge you're looking for.

    Browse our car decals or Mustang decals today or feel free to contact our team of support specialists with any questions you may have!

  • How to Pinstripe: 3 Ways to Use Pinstriping Tape Effectively on Your Vehicle

    how to pinstripe how to pinstripe

    There are almost 270 million cars on the road in the United States today. That's almost one car per person living in the country.

    Given the sheer volume of cars that are flooding communities, it's easy for your vehicle to fade into the background since odds are that thousands of people own your exact same make and model.

    If you want to give your car the pop of personality it deserves, one of the best and most low-cost ways to achieve that end is with pinstripe tape!

    To pinstripe your vehicle efficiently, consider these three how to pinstripe tips below which can help you achieve the perfect look!

    1. Check Your Car's Surface

    Given that your presumably vinyl pinstripes are going to be applied to your car's surface, it's important that you make sure your surface is primed prior to starting your how to pinstripe process.

    Optimally, your car's surface should be below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If it's much hotter than that, the adhesive in your pinstripe tape isn't likely to stick.

    Also, you'll want to make sure that the area you're looking to pinstripe on your vehicle is free from dust and debris. Small dirt particles can cause bumps in your pinstripes that may be noticeable.

    2. Apply Your Pinstripes

    Once your surface is primed, it's time to start applying your pinstripes and upgrading your vehicle's image! The pinstripe application process is the most nerve-wracking how to apply pinstripes step but with some patience, you'll do fine.

    Figure out how long of an area your first piece of pinstripe tape will need to cover. Grab the appropriate amount of tape and start placing its adhesive area where you'd like it to sit.

    Be sure that you don't overstretch your tape during its application process or you may end up with areas that will "pop" and won't stick.

    Once your tape is in place, go over it with your hands and press it down firmly to ensure that it won't shift.

    3. Finishing The Job

    Now that your pinstripes are in place, it's time to throw some finishing touches on them to make your how to pinstripe job shine!

    If your tape is longer than the surface area you'd like it to cover on your vehicle you can take a tool like an "artist's edge" and carefully remove the excess pinstripe being sure to not carve into your car.

    Furthermore, if you notice any air bubbles on your pinstripes, take a credit card and carefully work the bubbles out towards the pinstripe's edge.

    Wrapping Up How to Pinstripe: 3 Ways to Use Pinstriping Tape Effectively on Your Vehicle

    If you're intimidated by the how to pinstripe process, don't be. Pinstripe tape is extremely easy to work with and by following our tips above, you'll do great!

    To get started on your next pinstripe project, you're going to have to pick up a quality tape first. Our team can help you with that.

    At Custom Vinyl Graphics, we offer high-quality pinstripe tape, decals and more - all at unbeatable prices!

    Browse our inventory and start customizing your vehicle today!

  • 20 DIY Apartment Decorating Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

    Whether you’re moving into a new place or you’re getting bored with your current digs, decorating can be a great way to liven up your home and make it your own. However, fancy furniture and décor can be too expensive for the average budget. Still, with some creative ideas and some DIY projects, you can dress up your apartment for pennies. Check out these DIY apartment decorating ideas for some inspiration for your apartment.

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  • How to Apply Car Decals Without Wrinkling Them Beyond Recognition

    Many of us have admired the stylish or unique decals we have seen on other cars, but we are still hesitant to try them out ourselves. The only thing we can picture is a wrinkly mess stuck to the side of our car, the image completely lost in our poor application. However, with the advancement of vinyl decals and some good instructions, anyone can achieve a professional looking application in their garages. No matter what the size of your project, if you follow some simple step-by-step instructions on how to apply car decals, you’ll be driving your new look in no time.

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  • Spice Up Your Spring Semester – Dorm Room DIY

    Your first semester of college was a whirlwind with new classes, new friends, and new places. The days whipped by and the excitement of it all carried you all the way to finals. But now it’s the beginning of the spring semester, and some of the charm and excitement of college life as worn off. As you return from winter break to your small, cramped dorm room, you need a new fresh start this semester to help you resettle. Here’s some dorm room diy projects that are easy to do, easy on the budget, and helpful in bringing some excitement and variety into your second semester.

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  • Learn how rear window graphics are see through!

    How is it possible to see out of a rear window graphic even though others can't see in?

    See-through rear window graphics, also referred to as truck window murals, are printed on perforated vinyl. The beauty of "window perf" is that it is made up of 50% vinyl and 50% holes.

    When someone looks at the image on your window, their eyes absorb the light being reflected off of the printed image. The holes cannot be seen. The window graphic looks like a solid image!

    The "sticky side" of the graphic is black. From the inside, your eyes absorb the light reflected off objects outside the vehicle, such as buildings, cars, trees, etc. Your eyes blend the black material on the inside with the images seen through the holes, creating the illusion that there is nothing on your window. The resulting effect will amaze you!

    Check out our large selection of rear window graphics.  You'll love them!

  • Applying car decals with RapidTac solution

    If you are nervous about applying a car decal, rest assured you can do it yourself!  RapidTac application solution makes applying your car graphic simple.

    First, you clean the vehicle with the solution.  Then, spray it on the vehicle AND on the sticky part of the graphic.  It temporarily neutralizes the adhesive to give you time to position the vinyl graphic where you want it.  Once you have it where you like it, working from the middle to the edges, simply use a squeegee to get the solution out.

    That's it!  For more information, read our article or purchase RapidTac from

  • Easy to find rear window graphics and vinyl graphics!

    We are pleased to announce a new way to search for your vinyl graphic or rear window decal!  Now, you can search by manufacturer!  We make it easy to find what you need.  Simply use the drop down box to find the vinyl graphic manufacturer you want.

    Are you looking for Harley Davidson, Clearvue Graphics or  Window Canvas rear window graphics? Simply use the drop down to select the one you want.

    Not looking for rear window graphics?  If you are looking for vehicle graphics, you may try your search for SpeedGraphics, Auto Trim Express or Lethal Threat.

    This new searching makes it easier to find what you are looking for.  We listened to your comments and are pleased to offer you this new site enhancement.

    Feel free to let us know how you like it, and as always, let us know if you have any other site suggestions for!

  • Great article that explains self adhesive vinyl

    The article below was great in explaining the different types of vinyl materials used in a vinyl graphics shop.

    We wanted to clarify that vinyl does not have to be applied to banners, but can also be printed right on the banner. Custom Vinyl Graphics digitally prints right on the vinyl material!

    We also want to add one more type of vinyl to the list - perforated vinyl.  This is made up of 50% vinyl and 50% holes, are seen on the rear window of vehicles and are generally called "rear window graphics" or "see through window murals."  It allows customers to see out but provides privacy from customers looking in.

  • How to apply vinyl graphics in colder temperatures

    The colder the temperatures, the longer it takes for everything to occur!  Good application steps should be followed to ensure secure bonding when applying vinyl graphics and vinyl pinstriping in cold, wet weather.  Remember, vinyl reacts differently in temperatures below 50 degrees. Following curves becomes more difficult, and the adhesive process time may double or triple!

    How to apply vinylTips for applying vinyl decals in cold weather:

    • Store your graphic in heat and climate controlled environments. Do not expose material to temperatures below freezing. Application becomes nearly impossible in this scenario. The higher the temperature, the greater the initial bond.
    • Garage your vehicle overnight and keep your shop area heated where vinyl will be applied.
    • Use a heat gun to warm surface of the vehicle, making sure to distribute the heat evenly. Hot spots will cause problems.
    • Always make a clean, dry surface a priority. The application surface must be clean and dry, as in any application. In damp weather, a solution of isopropyl alcohol and water or Rapid Tac application solution can help eliminate wetness and promote adhesion.
    • Use more pressure when applying vinyl. More direct pressure may be needed in applying vinyl products in cold weather. Do not expect the vinyl to react the way it would on a 70 degree day.
    • Squeegee a second or third time after removing premask, using a squeegee sleeve or small towel to protect vinyl from scratching.
    • Allow proper bonding time! It is not advisable to wash the vehicle by hand or in a car wash until the adhesive has had enough time and heat to bond. It could take three days, a week, or more.

    For more "how to" information on vinyl graphics, visit!

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