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Learn about our see through rear window graphics and optional clear coat lamination.
  • How to Personalize Your Car with Custom Rear Window Graphics

    Did you know that there are over 250 million registered vehicles in the United States alone?

    Each and every day, millions of those vehicles travel on the roadways to get to work, school, or wherever it is they're heading. So if you have a brand or business, getting your name out there in front of that many eyeballs is an absolute no-brainer.

    And the best way to do just that? Rear window decals.

    Or maybe you don't have a brand or business, but you want to know how to personalize your car and help make it stand out from others that look like it on the road. Well, by covering your back window with a cool design, you can take your car's look to the next level and make it that much different than everyone else's.

    rear window graphic Advertise using your rear window as a billboard

    But that's not all! In this article, we'll tell you a few different reasons why you should get a rear window decal, as well as how you can make them work for you and your likes and interests.

    Now then, let's get started!

    Advertise Your Brand or Business

    One of the best ways to advertise your brand or business is to get rear window graphics that display your company's branding information. This is especially true if you're doing a lot of driving for work, and thus, are always in front of potential customers on the road.

    Also, this is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Because if they're not doing it, but you are, you can stick out in potential customers' heads that much easier.

    You'll get a ton of advertising impressions that are simply unmatched by any other form of advertising, especially at this price range. Also, having your company name, logo, and other branding can go a long way in making you look professional when you arrive at a job.

    Because as soon as you arrive, customers will know you and your business is legit by looking at your rear window decal sticker. And that can go a long way in helping you make sales.

    Display Your Team Spirit

    If you don't have a business or brand to promote, that doesn't mean that rear window decal graphics aren't for you. You can still have a ton of fun and make your car more personal and unique, which is nice if you drive a popular vehicle make and model.

    One of the best ways to have fun with rear window decals is to show off your team spirit and get a decal with your favorite team's name and logo on it. And regardless of what team you like, or even what sport, you won't have trouble finding a decal for your vehicle.

    Show Off Your Patriotic Side

    If you're a current or former military member, there's no better way to tell people that you're proud to have served your country then with a rear window decal. Because serving in the military is something you should be proud of, and a small bumper sticker doesn't do the sacrifices you've made justice.

    Maybe you're not military, but someone you love is, and you want to show your love and support. Or maybe you just want to show your support to all of the men and women who are risking their lives for our freedom each and every day.

    Either way, you can't go wrong with a patriotic-themed rear window decal for your car or truck.

    Make People Laugh

    We all know that laughing is good for us, for a variety of reasons, and that we should try to laugh as often as we can. But sometimes it can be hard to find things to laugh at, especially when you're stuck in 5 o'clock traffic.

    Well, with a funny decal on your rear window, you can help create a few more smiles, and maybe even a laugh, while on the roadways. And if you're someone who is always looking to get a laugh out of folks, this might be the perfect way to make your car that much more yours.

    Make Your Vehicle Stand Out

    There's absolutely nothing worse than finally getting your dream car and, after a few weeks, noticing a bunch more just like it on the road. And no matter what model you choose, or even what color, you're going to see a few like it on the road as time goes on.

    Well, one of the best ways to combat this and make your vehicle stand out is by applying a cool rear window decal that takes things to the next level. And with so many cool designs to choose from, you can turn your car into something unlike any other car out there, and fast, too.

    How to Personalize Your Car with Rear Window Decals

    Well, there you have it! Now you know how to personalize your car in a fun and creative way without breaking the bank!

    Again, it can't be understated how important it is to advertise your brand or business on your vehicle. And if you're driving all day, every day, it's a must that you make sure people know who is in the car ahead of them.

    And if you only want to make your car stand out from others like it on the road, or make it more personal to you, rear window decals can help. From representing your favorite team to showing off your patriotic side, you can find tons of ways to make your car different from everybody else's.

    Interested in getting a rear window decal for your car? Have an idea for a cool design? Request a quote with us today!

  • The Importance of Displaying Your Patriotic Decals

    A whopping 51% of people surveyed on their American pride said they were "extremely proud" to be American.

    The Importance of Displaying Your Patriotic DecalsOur team sides with that majority when it comes to patriotism. We believe that showcasing your US pride is an important activity that promotes positive things in our culture.

    That's why we're such big proponents of patriotic decals!

    Whether you're showcasing patriotic decals in your home, on your car, or anywhere else, you're doing something really special.

    Below, we share with you 4 reasons why displaying patriotic decals is a great thing to do.

    1. Support for Our Troops There's no denying the fact that America affords its citizens freedoms that a lot of countries in the world envy.

    Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom to come and go as you please... the list goes on.

    Defending that way of life are millions of men and women who protect our country's interests from foreign powers who, if given the chance, might work to take advantage of us.

    When you show off your patriotic decals, you show off your love for the people who have given their lives so you can live yours.

    2. A Symbol of Appreciation There's a lot of divisiveness in today's America. That polarization mostly stems from differences in political opinions.

    While there's validity to both sides of most political arguments, something we can all agree on is the fact that we're a country that's protected by a constitution which affords us freedoms not seen in many countries in the world.

    We're a county that has the power to exercise democratic principals to change things that we don't like. We're a country that's run by the people and for the people.

    All of those basic truths are worth showing appreciation for and patriotic decals help you do that.

    3. Celebration of Unity No matter where you're from or what you believe in, the second you become a citizen of the United States, you're part of a brotherhood and sisterhood of people. You're a member of a family that leads the world in thought and in culture in many regards.

    Our flag and what it represents is our shared symbol and you showcasing it via decals is a powerful way to celebrate it.

    4. Pride in Our Present and Faith in Our Future A lot of people dismiss patriotism by saying that America is far from a perfect place. We agree it's not perfect.

    Just because something is imperfect, though, doesn't mean it's not worth taking pride in.

    As Americans, we have made strides through our democracy to make sure our country's laws best embody our core values.

    Take pride in that progress and show appreciation for how far we've come. Proudly showcase your decals a symbol of your appreciation for our today and for your faith in our tomorrow!

    Wrapping Up The Importance of Displaying Your Patriotic Decals Displaying patriotic decals speaks volumes to your support of our incredible nation. If you're ready to start showcasing your pride in America, our team can help.

    Browse our selection of high-quality, 100% satisfaction guaranteed patriotic vinyl decals and place your order today!

  • Attention Tattoo Lovers – Why Not Show Off Your Tats On Your Vehicle Or As A Wall Decal?

    TAttention Tattoo Lovers – Why Not Show Off Your Tats On Your Vehicle Or As A Wall Decal?attoos have been around for centuries. They’re a distinctive way to truly personalize the skin you’re in. Create a unique-to-you design, memorialize a loved one’s signature or photo, display a favorite quote, or wear your heart on your tatted sleeve. People of all ages and genders take advantage of tats and now there’s a new purpose for the tats you love. Some of them may be in places that people don't see...Why not show them off on your vehicle or wall?

    What makes tattoos so special are their inherent individuality. Remember the experience of working closely with your tattoo artist to create a work of art for your body? You’ll enjoy a similar online experience when you work one-on-one with our skilled, professional graphic design team to turn your body art into a custom truck window graphic or a custom wall decal. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • - Do you want to turn heads everywhere you go?
    • - Do you want to truly personalize your home or office walls?
    • - Do you want to set your car apart from every other car on the road?
    • - Do you want to elicit oohs and aahs from friends, family, and strangers?


    From Tattoo To Rear Window Graphic From tribal tattoos to hearts and flowers to unusual graphic designs, turning your tats into a car graphic is fast and easy. Simply upload a high-resolution photo of your tattoo, tell us the year, make, and model of your vehicle, and leave the rest to us. Our graphic designers will work with you on every step of your journey to ensure you get the best return on your investment, the highest quality graphic decal around, and easy-to-follow installation instructions. One of the best features of our custom rear window decals is that they are see through... so your vision isn't obstructed! They’re a budget-friendly, affordable way to personalize your car and maximize your tat design.

    From Tattoo To Wall Decal Our wall decals are another way to dress up your home or office with the tattoo you’re so proud of. Like our vehicle wraps, our custom wall decals are easy to order and easy to install. Simply choose your wall size, choose your wall type, and upload your image file. We’ll take over from there and deliver a custom wall decal you’ll be proud to display in your home, office or man-cave. The custom wall decals we create are removable, reusable, and repositionable. At no extra cost, we include a superior matte finish that closely resembles wall paint and reduces unsightly glare. Your walls remain damage free when you use our custom decals to go from plain to impressive in the blink of an eye. And if you want something other than your tattoo produced…In your home, they can be used to display your family photo, crest, or family tree. At the office, they can display your logo, branding, or company culture.

    The decals we create, produce, and precision cut at Custom Vinyl Graphics are easy to install and easy to maintain. We provide all the details and instructions you need to position your graphics to suit your personal taste and style. Your two-fold goal is a vehicle or wall that shows your personality and commands attention. Our two-fold goal is quality products and happy customers. Together, we both meet our goals and your vehicle sets you head and shoulders above the crowd.

  • Advertising Techniques For Small Business - inexpensive and effective with a custom rear window graphic!

    Advertising Techniques For Small Business – inexpensive and effective with a custom rear window graphic!

    With the economy the way it's been, now more than ever, companies are looking for ways to advertise their small businesses.   Adding a custom rear window graphic to your car or truck will get you, on average, 2.6 million impressions annually!  And at Custom Vinyl Graphics, a custom rear window graphic starts at only $139.  It's no wonder why so many companies choose Custom Vinyl Graphics for their custom rear window graphic. They're easy to apply and easy to remove when you no longer want it.

    You can show off your logo, show projects that you've completed, advertise your website or storefront.  It's up to you.  And, if you don't know what you should do, a designer can help you along the way.  We've designed thousands of custom rear window graphics and we know how to get you the leads your small business is looking for.

    Remember, we don't just have you upload a file... you have a real graphic designer working with you on your design.  We'll work with you until you say "approved"!  And don't forget to view our easy instructions to help you install your new custom rear window graphic.  Feel free to view some of the rear window graphic jobs we've completed, or to email us for more information at [email protected].  We look forward to working with you!

  • Your Image Constantly Changes… So Should Your Vehicle’s Decal

    Vintage, retro, modern, skinny jeans, faded, distressed, dark wash, broad, narrow, slim fit, flats, wedges, boots: as you read these, you may think of all the different fashion trends that have swept through your closest. Every year, it seems like our closest morphs and our personal style changes, and in all reality, it should. What we wear and how we present ourselves is an expression of who we are and what we like. And as dynamic, growing, and changing people, our appearances shift to reflect who we are.

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  • Cool Ways to Customize Your Car on A Budget

    The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your car. Even if you are working within a budget there are plenty of options available to add a unique flare to the car that you love. Each customization you make will give your car more character and send a message to everyone else on the road. Here are just a few cool ways to customize your car on a budget.

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  • The Key to Protecting Your Car from Damage Is Respect – Custom Car Decals Can Help

    Most people add custom car decals to their vehicles because they look great, and the driver wants to add some character to his or her car. But in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, custom car decals also offer the benefit of providing your car with some added protection through the respect that they will earn from other drivers and passengers.

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  • 3 Reasons Why Wearing A Cause Is Better Than Shouting It - How Custom Back Window Graphics Can Help

    Opinions, beliefs, foundations, movements, and causes—there are so many different things we want to represent or support as we go about our daily life. However, everyone knows at least one person in their life whose passion for their beliefs or cause is the only thing they can talk about, and that person’s persistence can become annoying, even driving people away from their cause. You don’t want to be that person, but you still want to represent your beliefs, so how do you do it?

    One way is to stop talking about it and instead start wearing it. Your words are often overshadowed by the way you act, the way you look, and the way you are dressed, so why don’t you let those ways do the talking for you? Wearing your cause on your sleeve or on your belongings can be a great way to show your support without you even having to say a word. Here’s some reasons why wearing your cause can a much more effect messenger.

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  • The Top 3 Ways to Rep Your Home Team








    There are few things in this world that people are as openly passionate about as their sports teams. Fans watch every game, enduring cold weather or terrible losses. They celebrate long hours when their teams win. Fights between fans over their teams are not uncommon. Of course, when you feel that passionately about something, you have to find a way to share it. If you’re looking to support your home team loud and proud, here are some great ways to demonstrate your home team love, whether that’s in your clothes or through your window graphics.

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  • Star Wars fans...Turn your car into the Millennium Falcon!

    Star Wars is one of the biggest film franchises out there today. Since the first movie’s release in the 1970’s, Star Wars has captured the hearts of millions of people out there today. The characters and the actors who portrayed them have become pop culture icons, appearing on every piece of merchandise imaginable from lunchboxes, shirts, backpacks, posters, book covers, action figures, and much, much more.Star Wars Rear Window Decal

    The movies have grossed millions worldwide and have been acclaimed by critics. New Stars Wars fans are still being made all the time which started when the movie came out over 40 years ago. To many, Stars Wars was a special part of their childhood. Today, the franchise has spawned books, spinoffs, cartoon series, comic books series, and a variety of other types of media. Added to the vast catalog of merchandise is a custom Star Wars rear window graphic! This graphic is perfect for diehard fans as well as casual fans of the series.

    When applied to the rear window of a car, it gives the illusion that Hans Solo and Chewbacca are riding in the Millennium Falcon contained in the car.  When you look at the graphic from the outside, it appears as if Hans Solo and Chewbacca are within in the car and that the span of outer space is before them. It seems as if the car window itself is looking out towards outer space, one of the many window graphics dedicated to Star Wars. Hans Solo is on the left with Chewy on the right. It is really an amazing example of a rear window car graphic. Star Wars fans will definitely appreciate this, especially since it features one of the iconic scenes from the movie. It will give fans the feeling that they are riding in the Millennium Falcon as well.

    Star Wars fans really like to live the fantasy of being in the Star Wars universe. The world of Star Wars was created in such a way that fans could imagine themselves as one of the heroes of the movies themselves. Fans of the franchise are so dedicated that they go as far as to dress up like characters from the movies.  This rear view window graphic would mean a lot to a fan who has imagined themselves riding in the Millennium Falcon at some point.

    The realism of this graphic is what makes it stand out the most. The way the image pops out on the window would make anyone do a double take. It can definitely rank among the most unique examples of Star Wars merchandise out there.

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