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  • Vinyl Stripes For Cars

    Vinyl Stripes For Cars In New York Vinyl Stripes For Cars In New York

    Vinyl Stripes For Cars

    Vinyl Stripes for cars are all about making an impression and standing out from the crowd. Many New York Vinyl Decal Stores, including custom vinyl graphics, can get you the vinyl stripes of your dreams but you generally you want to do your research first before you start buying Vinyl Stripes.There are many different types of vinyl striping, they can include car pinstripes or custom vinyl stripes for a large fleet of trucks, business vehicles or custom made equipment. Prices can range from to cheap to moderately priced. Cheap vinyl striping is different from the best vinyl striping because of the quality of the material used to make it. The Best Vinyl Striping generally makes up the look of vehicles you're used to seeing day after day which includes racing stripes, rally stripes, car pinstriping or off road decals. All of which will help make your vehicle look amazing.

    We know what your thinking. You are probably thinking that vinyl stripes for cars are only for racers. Stripes on cars are actually a somewhat controversial topic. If you have seen Fast and the Furious, you are very well aware of vinyl stripes for racing culture, but what you aren’t probably aware is that everyday people use vinyl stripes for cars. Whether you have a truck, car or jeep, vinyl stripes will bring any car to life. Many of the classic cars that you know and love have some kind of vinyl striping.

    Even though a vinyl stripe looks great on any car, they are very popular for classic throwback vehicles. Whether you should stripe it yourself or have a professional do it depends on the car itself, its heritage, and the style of stripe. Many Mustangs have worn a pair of stripes in the middle of the car since the days of Carroll Shelby. The look of the vinyl stripes is so well recognized that Shelby is often attributed as the inventor of the ford mustang racing stripes, and today, virtually any American muscle or pony car can rightly get away with wearing vinyl stripes. If you are interested in getting some vinyl decals for your car, contact us at Custom Vinyl Graphics or check out our catalog of car decals!

  • Man Cave Wall Decal Ideas

    New York Wall Decals New York Wall Decals

    Wall Decals For Man Cave

    What is a man cave and why the big fuss about it? A man cave could be any place that can be considered a sanctuary or place of retreat for a man. A man cave offers a lot of possibilities. Let’s say you decide to decorate a bachelor pad or a basement. There are a lot of possibilities to choose from. You can add wall decals to your wall, you could get a huge 70 inch flat screen TV to watch the New York Giants play, or you can design your mancave around a theme such as Star Wars. When you sit down and think about all of the options, creating a mancave can be a daunting task. The key with a mancave is to base it around your personality so it really resonates with you. Here in this article we will explain why wall decals will be a great benefit for your construction of your mancave.

    Wall Decals

    A great way to give character to a man cave is through walls decals. A wall decal is a vinyl sticker that is affixed to a wall or other smooth surface for decoration and informational purposes. This allows a boring room to be transformed in a matter of minutes and they can be placed onto any smooth surface. When applying or removing the decal, no damage occurs when applying a decal which makes it easier than ever before to add a modern and stylish accent to your home. The durability of your wall decal is very important, not only to your mancave but also for your wallet.


    The durability of a wall decal depends on the quality of the designer and the materials used to make it. Most wall decals last anywhere from 4-5 years. The best wall decals last as the paint is there. Wall decals are easy to clean in case your child or friend accidentally spills something on your favorite new york giants wall decal! That would be horrible! Unless it is a cheap wall decal, water won't ruin the beauty and design of your decal, but you may be asking yourself is it hard removing a wall decal? The great news is that it is not!

    Peeling off issues

    Custom Vinyl wall decals are easy to install and easy to remove. Once they are removed, the decal won't leave stains or marks. It leaves the wall as it was before the installation. There are great places locally and online to buy custom wall decals but, the most important thing is to make sure you are working with a real graphic designer… and not some do it yourself computer program. Here at Custom Vinyl Graphics whatever you choose, we would love to help you! We provide wall decals, custom car decals, custom decals, as well as, many other options. When people think of New York Wall Decals they think of us, so when you decide to get yourself the wall decal of your dreams we want to be there to turn your dream into a reality.

  • Your Image Constantly Changes… So Should Your Vehicle’s Decal

    Vintage, retro, modern, skinny jeans, faded, distressed, dark wash, broad, narrow, slim fit, flats, wedges, boots: as you read these, you may think of all the different fashion trends that have swept through your closest. Every year, it seems like our closest morphs and our personal style changes, and in all reality, it should. What we wear and how we present ourselves is an expression of who we are and what we like. And as dynamic, growing, and changing people, our appearances shift to reflect who we are.

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  • Naming a Boat? Learn the History Behind the Boat Christening Ceremony

    When you’re searching for your first perfect boat, you are probably considering the boat’s shape and lines, but you’re probably not considering her name. However, the true mariners know changing a boat’s name is terribly unlucky, destining your boat to an early demise. Does that mean that you are stuck with whatever name your new boat came with? Well, fortunately for you, seafarers know the proper ceremonies that will allow you to rename your boat while keeping your days on the sea lucky.

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  • 20 DIY Apartment Decorating Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

    Whether you’re moving into a new place or you’re getting bored with your current digs, decorating can be a great way to liven up your home and make it your own. However, fancy furniture and décor can be too expensive for the average budget. Still, with some creative ideas and some DIY projects, you can dress up your apartment for pennies. Check out these DIY apartment decorating ideas for some inspiration for your apartment.


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  • Cool Ways to Customize Your Car on A Budget

    The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your car. Even if you are working within a budget there are plenty of options available to add a unique flare to the car that you love. Each customization you make will give your car more character and send a message to everyone else on the road. Here are just a few cool ways to customize your car on a budget.

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  • Customize Your Mac Like A Genius With These Creative Brainstorming Tips

    That classic white Mac laptop surface is a clean and sleek look, but the artist in many of us sees that white expanse as a canvas for our creativity. Instead of leaving our laptops looking like every other mac users’, we see an opportunity to be unique, express our ideas, and customize our technology to match our personality and interests. Thankfully vinyl graphics make it easy to customize our macs, but it can be difficult to decide on the image you want to display on your canvas. If you’re stuck in indecision or without inspiration, here are some brainstorming tips to get your creative juices flowing.

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  • How to Apply Car Decals Without Wrinkling Them Beyond Recognition

    Many of us have admired the stylish or unique decals we have seen on other cars, but we are still hesitant to try them out ourselves. The only thing we can picture is a wrinkly mess stuck to the side of our car, the image completely lost in our poor application. However, with the advancement of vinyl decals and some good instructions, anyone can achieve a professional looking application in their garages. No matter what the size of your project, if you follow some simple step-by-step instructions on how to apply car decals, you’ll be driving your new look in no time.

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  • Spice Up Your Spring Semester – Dorm Room Diy

    Your first semester of college was a whirlwind with new classes, new friends, and new places. The days whipped by and the excitement of it all carried you all the way to finals. But now it’s the beginning of the spring semester, and some of the charm and excitement of college life as worn off. As you return from winter break to your small, cramped dorm room, you need a new fresh start this semester to help you resettle. Here’s some dorm room diy projects that are easy to do, easy on the budget, and helpful in bringing some excitement and variety into your second semester.

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  • A Journey Through the History of the Mustang - The Top Mustang Decals and Stripes for the Last 4 Generations

    Since 1964, the Ford Mustang has been an American icon, defined by its incredible balance of power and style. Ford Mustang decals further accentuate the style of these iconic cars, which have evolved so much since the beginning and even more over the last 15 years. Here’s a look at the last few generations of Mustang and the Mustang decals and stripes that bring out the best look in them.

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