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  • 3 Reasons Perforated Window Graphics Are Better Than Window Tint

    You're driving down the road and you can't help but think that your car window is definitely missing something. It needs a splash.

    perforated window graphics perforated window graphics

    Or maybe you're sick of people staring in your car as you drive and you want a bit of privacy.

    Either way, you're trying to decide between perforated window graphics and window tint. Here are three reasons why perforated graphics are obviously the better choice for your vehicle, whether you're looking to advertise your business or get a bit of sun coverage when you're on the road.

    1. Tint May Not Give the Coverage You Want

    If your goal is a privacy screen, tinted windows may not offer you the level of privacy you want.

    For law enforcement and safety reasons, there are strict limits on how much window tinting you can have and what windows it applies to.

    In New York, for example, drivers are not allowed to have a windshield or front side windows that are dark. This also applies to the rear window, unless the car has outside rearview mirrors on both sides. Either way, you have to be able to see the road when driving, both in front of you and behind you.

    In addition, your tinting cannot block more than 30% of the light coming into your vehicle.

    2. You Don't Need to Remove Graphics

    Did you know that tinting has to be removed after a certain date?

    After a while, tinting has to be replaced to retain UV protectiveness, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. Hot and cold eventually makes the film separate from the glass and wears out the UV protection element.

    Perforated window graphics are like a one-way window -- they allow you to see out without other people seeing in, making them a perfect privacy tool.

    3. Free Advertising!

    Plus, perforated graphics have a major advantage over tinting: they give you a chance for free advertising for your business!

    Since perforated window graphics only allow you to see through one side, they're the perfect tool for signage in a window (without customers awkwardly peeping at you).

    And since you can see out either way, it's easy to get creative with your window decals. Maybe you want a camouflage decal or a military decal, or maybe you want a custom decal that's perfect for advertising your business any time you hit the road.

    Regardless of what you're after, perforated window graphics offer you far more flexibility than tinting.

    Need Perforated Window Graphics?

    So, are you sold on perforated window graphics?

    You should be! There's so much more that perforated graphics can offer to your car, whether you want to make a statement about what you believe in, look cool driving down the street, advertise your business, or just get a bit of privacy.

    And if you're a bit of a decal addict, we can't blame you. They're pretty fun.

    Good news is, we've got tons of options for you to choose from, whether it's a car decal, a wall decal, or something else entirely.

    If you're a returning customer, welcome back! Click here to log into your account.

  • The Importance of Displaying Your Patriotic Decals

    A whopping 51% of people surveyed on their American pride said they were "extremely proud" to be American.

    The Importance of Displaying Your Patriotic DecalsOur team sides with that majority when it comes to patriotism. We believe that showcasing your US pride is an important activity that promotes positive things in our culture.

    That's why we're such big proponents of patriotic decals!

    Whether you're showcasing patriotic decals in your home, on your car, or anywhere else, you're doing something really special.

    Below, we share with you 4 reasons why displaying patriotic decals is a great thing to do.

    1. Support for Our Troops There's no denying the fact that America affords its citizens freedoms that a lot of countries in the world envy.

    Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom to come and go as you please... the list goes on.

    Defending that way of life are millions of men and women who protect our country's interests from foreign powers who, if given the chance, might work to take advantage of us.

    When you show off your patriotic decals, you show off your love for the people who have given their lives so you can live yours.

    2. A Symbol of Appreciation There's a lot of divisiveness in today's America. That polarization mostly stems from differences in political opinions.

    While there's validity to both sides of most political arguments, something we can all agree on is the fact that we're a country that's protected by a constitution which affords us freedoms not seen in many countries in the world.

    We're a county that has the power to exercise democratic principals to change things that we don't like. We're a country that's run by the people and for the people.

    All of those basic truths are worth showing appreciation for and patriotic decals help you do that.

    3. Celebration of Unity No matter where you're from or what you believe in, the second you become a citizen of the United States, you're part of a brotherhood and sisterhood of people. You're a member of a family that leads the world in thought and in culture in many regards.

    Our flag and what it represents is our shared symbol and you showcasing it via decals is a powerful way to celebrate it.

    4. Pride in Our Present and Faith in Our Future A lot of people dismiss patriotism by saying that America is far from a perfect place. We agree it's not perfect.

    Just because something is imperfect, though, doesn't mean it's not worth taking pride in.

    As Americans, we have made strides through our democracy to make sure our country's laws best embody our core values.

    Take pride in that progress and show appreciation for how far we've come. Proudly showcase your decals a symbol of your appreciation for our today and for your faith in our tomorrow!

    Wrapping Up The Importance of Displaying Your Patriotic Decals Displaying patriotic decals speaks volumes to your support of our incredible nation. If you're ready to start showcasing your pride in America, our team can help.

    Browse our selection of high-quality, 100% satisfaction guaranteed patriotic vinyl decals and place your order today!

  • 5 Reasons Why Removable Wall Decals Make Great Holiday Gifts


    5 Reasons Why Removable Wall Decals Make Great Holiday Gifts Kid's bedroom with custom wall decal, dresser and cot

    The holidays are upon us and with less than a few weeks left till gift-giving time, consumers are scratching their heads trying to think up ways to spend their collective $465 billion present budget.

    While there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to gifts, our team believes that removable wall decals are among the best, most versatile presents you can give!

    Here are 5 outstanding reasons why!

    1. They Allow Recipients to Express Themselves

    In a world that 7.6 billion humans call home, it's important for people to be able to showcase themselves in a way that makes them feel unique.

    That's why you see people running around with bedazzled phone cases, over the top hairstyles, and other things that help them to stand out.

    With removable wall decals, your gift recipient can showcase an image that speaks directly to their sensibilities which they can then feature prominently in any room in their home.

    That avenue of expression is something they're sure to appreciate!

    2. Decals are Not Permanent

    What your gift recipient is into today they may not be into tomorrow.

    Therein lies a fear some people have when gifting something that's going to be secured to recipient's wall.

    The good news with removable wall decals though is that they're as flexible as your tastes. They come off of walls easily in seconds and can be put back on just as fast!

    3. Decals Are an Affordable Way to Breathe Life into a Room

    Decorating a house is an expensive endeavor. Even customizing a room can get pricey.

    That's why people love wall decals so much.

    Decals can be created in just about any shape and can make for attention-grabbing centerpieces that are cost-effective and look absolutely breathtaking.

    If you think your gift recipient would love to liven up their bedroom or their home's family room in a way that's easy and elegant, they're going to love wall decals.

    4. Decals Are Easy to Use

    Amidst the pile of electronics your friends and family members will get this year, it will be a breath of fresh air to get a simple to use decal.

    All recipients have to do is unpack their decal and press it on their wall to enjoy it. No lengthy technical support calls required.

    5. Decals are Personal

    The most important aspect of gift-giving is the thought behind the gifts you give. That's one of the main reasons why wall decals make such great presents.

    You can get wall decals created in custom designs which can speak directly towards your innate knowledge of the person you're gifting to.

    That personalization will lead to your gift recipient appreciating your apparent thoughtfulness.

    Wrapping Up Reasons Why Removable Wall Decals Make Great Holiday Gifts

    From being 100% customizable to their ease of use, there is no shortage of reasons why removable wall decals are great for the holidays.

    If you're sold on getting the people in your life wall decals for the holidays, our team has you covered!

    Learn more about our 100% satisfaction guaranteed custom wall decals and place your order today!

  • Custom Wall Decals Aren’t Just For Kids

    Custom wall decals саn help you trаnѕfоrm a nurѕеry or kids bеdrооm. But they are even more wonderful fоr decorating other areas in the hоuѕе! You want thе walls in your to be filled with warmth and сhаrасtеr. Wаllѕ thаt аrе full of рiсturеѕ, art, bright colors, еtс. mаkе уоu fееl peaceful and blessed. The best wау people are using wаll decals iѕ bу mаking сuѕtоm dесаlѕ.Custom Wall Decals Aren’t Just For Kids

    They аllоw уоu tо do juѕt аbоut аnуthing with уоur decorating. With сuѕtоm wаll dесаlѕ уоur options are endless. Do you hаvе a fаvоritе рhоtо from уоur kids ѕроrting еvеnt? Or mауbе you hаvе a picture оf уоur favorite vасаtiоn spot that you wоuld lоvе to hаvе аѕ a wаll mural? How about adding a sillhoutte of Mickey Mouse behind your Disney trip photos?

    With сuѕtоm wаll dесаlѕ уоu саn take аnу mеmоrу аnd mаkе them “ѕtiсk.” Uѕе them to create thаt very personal tоuсh tо уоur décor. Crеаting ѕоmеthing thаt is special and personal to your family саn really mаkе уоur rооmѕ or office feel true to you. It’ѕ a great wау tо kеер memories аlivе аnd еvеn tо рау tributе to thоѕе уоu love.

    A grеаt idеа is to do custom wall lettering of names. Kids love putting their name on their walls because they love having their own space. But families can do it too! Families often mаkе a custom dесаl thаt iѕ thеir family's lаѕt name or first initial. It looks beautiful diѕрlауed above a соuсh in the living rооm, above a door or in a den. This саn bе a great wау to take рridе in уоur fаmilу nаmе bу surrounding уоurѕеlf with it аnd rеmеmbеring whо you are.

    Custom wаll dесаlѕ can be made in custom sizes as well as bеing аblе to uѕе any photo you wаnt. It’ѕ important thаt уоu hаvе thе bеѕt роѕѕiblе rеѕоlutiоn but with today’s camera tесhnоlоgу thаt iѕ not uѕuаllу a difficult thing tо dо. Thеу аrе еаѕу tо рut uр аnd hаrmlеѕѕ tо the walls аnd еvеn easier tо rеmоvе or tаkе down.

    Order one today or give a custom wall decal as a truly unique gift.

  • When your budget’s small, our custom wall decals have a big impact!

    Decorating your new home, business or organization can be quite pricey. The majority of people think that they have to hold off on the decorating until their financial situations improve. But after staring at blank walls for some time, many people find they can no longer take all the emptiness anymore.

    If you’re in that situation, look no further! When your budget’s small, our custom wall decals have a big impact. Instead of going out and spending a lot of money on prints, frames, and other wall art, try ordering some custom wall decals instead. The amount of impact a good quality custom wall decal will make, will astonish you. You won't find a more versatile and affordable form of wall art out there.When your budget’s small, our custom wall decals have a big impact!

    Custom wall decals are easy to install and easy to remove. And what’s more, you can use them for both residential and business purposes.

    Using custom wall decals in your home... Initially, wall decals were popular for kid’s room. Many house owners loved to decorate their kid's rooms to bring back the childish feelings and to highlight their favorite characters or interests. But why let the kids have all the fun? You can also use custom wall decals in your living room, kitchen, sitting room, office, man cave or home theatre.

    When your budget’s small, our custom wall decals have a big impact!Use custom wall decals in your business... Custom wall stickers are a perfect way to help business owners advertise their business. When appropriately used, they can work in place of large and expensive business signs. They are perfect for your lobby, office, lunch room or halls. Businesses display their logo, photos of their work, and motivational sayings for their employees.

    The best thing about custom wall decals is that they are multipurpose in use. If you are still thinking about how to best tackle your empty walls, consider purchasing an affordable custom wall decal today.

  • Achieve different results from the same decal!

    Achieve different results from the same decal!Vehicle graphics have a plethora of uses and benefits. Commercially, vehicle wraps, decals, and lettering are amazing marketing tools. They turn your company car or delivery vehicle into a rolling marketing machine. When it travels down the road, all eyes automatically are on it and your branding gets the attention it deserves. Personally, custom decals set your vehicle apart from similar makes and models on the road. It separates your car from the other cars of its make and model. One of the best features of vehicle decals and lettering is their flexibility. Our graphics are already extremely competitively priced, but you can get even more unique when you understand their multi-positional nature. One graphic can be positioned on your car in at least four different ways:

    1. Place your graphic high on your car to maximize its full appeal by placing it right at eye level
    2. Place your graphic low on your car to draw the most attention upon entry and exit
    3. Break a single graphic into multiple pieces to set off specific vehicle features like spoilers, decorative rims, and vintage-inspired whitewall tires
    4. Place graphics on an angle or diagonal to cover the most surface space on your vehicle or to create an appealing, directional eye flow

    The best part is that vinyl decals won’t damage your car’s paint or exterior. It’s a good way to customize your car, feel like you have a new ride, or spruce up your existing paint job. The vehicle graphics we create at Custom Vinyl Graphics are long-lasting, durable, and affordable. We’ll custom design, laser cut it, and ship your graphic decal to you ready to install. They are also a cinch to install. In fact, if you can position a screen protector on your smartphone, you can quickly and easily install your own custom decals on your car.

    Want to make your car easy to distinguish from your neighbor? Custom graphics are the way to go. Graphics are also an ideal way to make your car easier to identify in a sea of cars in a parking lot. Whether you’re using decals for your personal or commercial vehicles, you’ll love our low prices. We don’t saddle you with minimum order quantities or force you to work alone. Our professional designers work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the full color design you’re looking for whether you order one decal or one hundred. Your design is created, produced, precision cut, and shipped to you ninja fast.

    Why should you purchase custom designed, top quality, one-of-a-kind graphics for your car? If you’ve purchased a pre-owned vehicle, are dressing the getaway car for a wedding, are bringing new life to a vintage automobile, or simply want to give your everyday car a brand new look and feel, our graphics are the perfect solution. The design team at Custom Vinyl Graphics is proud to be your go-to source for custom vinyl graphics, decals, and lettering. We’ll put our years of experience, skill, and expertise to work creating and designing your decals. We’ll even help you choose the best colors and placement to compliment your car. Your vehicle can turn heads without spending a fortune.

  • Attention Tattoo Lovers – Why Not Show Off Your Tats On Your Vehicle Or As A Wall Decal?

    TAttention Tattoo Lovers – Why Not Show Off Your Tats On Your Vehicle Or As A Wall Decal?attoos have been around for centuries. They’re a distinctive way to truly personalize the skin you’re in. Create a unique-to-you design, memorialize a loved one’s signature or photo, display a favorite quote, or wear your heart on your tatted sleeve. People of all ages and genders take advantage of tats and now there’s a new purpose for the tats you love. Some of them may be in places that people don't see...Why not show them off on your vehicle or wall?

    What makes tattoos so special are their inherent individuality. Remember the experience of working closely with your tattoo artist to create a work of art for your body? You’ll enjoy a similar online experience when you work one-on-one with our skilled, professional graphic design team to turn your body art into a custom truck window graphic or a custom wall decal. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • - Do you want to turn heads everywhere you go?
    • - Do you want to truly personalize your home or office walls?
    • - Do you want to set your car apart from every other car on the road?
    • - Do you want to elicit oohs and aahs from friends, family, and strangers?


    From Tattoo To Rear Window Graphic From tribal tattoos to hearts and flowers to unusual graphic designs, turning your tats into a car graphic is fast and easy. Simply upload a high-resolution photo of your tattoo, tell us the year, make, and model of your vehicle, and leave the rest to us. Our graphic designers will work with you on every step of your journey to ensure you get the best return on your investment, the highest quality graphic decal around, and easy-to-follow installation instructions. One of the best features of our custom rear window decals is that they are see through... so your vision isn't obstructed! They’re a budget-friendly, affordable way to personalize your car and maximize your tat design.

    From Tattoo To Wall Decal Our wall decals are another way to dress up your home or office with the tattoo you’re so proud of. Like our vehicle wraps, our custom wall decals are easy to order and easy to install. Simply choose your wall size, choose your wall type, and upload your image file. We’ll take over from there and deliver a custom wall decal you’ll be proud to display in your home, office or man-cave. The custom wall decals we create are removable, reusable, and repositionable. At no extra cost, we include a superior matte finish that closely resembles wall paint and reduces unsightly glare. Your walls remain damage free when you use our custom decals to go from plain to impressive in the blink of an eye. And if you want something other than your tattoo produced…In your home, they can be used to display your family photo, crest, or family tree. At the office, they can display your logo, branding, or company culture.

    The decals we create, produce, and precision cut at Custom Vinyl Graphics are easy to install and easy to maintain. We provide all the details and instructions you need to position your graphics to suit your personal taste and style. Your two-fold goal is a vehicle or wall that shows your personality and commands attention. Our two-fold goal is quality products and happy customers. Together, we both meet our goals and your vehicle sets you head and shoulders above the crowd.

  • Promote Your Fundraiser Or Event With Our Vinyl Banners

    No matter what cause your fundraiser supports or what event your business is hosting, the key to meeting your financial goals and ensuring a good turnout is effective promotion. Think about it – no one can contribute to your fundraiser or attend your event if they don’t know about it. A multi-strategy approach to fundraising and event hosting includes measuring the scope and reach of your marketing methods. In fact, it’s vital to promoting your fundraiser or event and determining which methods work best. From choosing the right theme to encouraging and rewarding word of mouth, promotion methods are plentiful. One of the most tried and true ways to ensure awareness of your fundraiser or business event is promotional banners.

    Promote Your Fundraiser Or Event With Our Vinyl BannersAt Custom Vinyl Graphics, we help you promote your fundraiser or event with our easy-to-customize, highly visible vinyl banners. Our professional banner service includes printing top quality, full color banners of any size. The banners we produce include optional grommets and fully hemmed seams. Our attention grabbing banners help increase awareness of your event in four important ways.  Banners:

    • publicize your purchase or donation URL • publicize incentives that boost participation • leverage the power of visual designs • increase recognition and use of your promotional hashtag

    Our custom banners and signs help your target market identify, locate, and register for your event. They also help supporters and contributors give to, and easily share, your fundraising efforts. Our goal is twofold – to help you maximize exposure for your business and to become your one-stop online shop for the best vinyl banners around. No job is too big or small, no minimum quantity is required, and no corners are ever cut. We put our best foot forward, so you can put your best foot forward. We ship fast and pay attention to every detail of the design and creation of your banners. We also stand behind our work and guarantee the quality of our banners.

    Make your vinyl banner a custom work of art by providing your own fonts or choosing one from the hundreds of fonts in our database. Our professional design team spearheads your project from start to finish. That means you don’t have to struggle alone to create a finished product with polish and panache. Suitable for interior or exterior use, our banners are strong, durable, and individually customized. Like a small billboard, they grab attention and generate interest in your business. Vinyl banners are a smart, cost-effective way to draw all eyes to you. Add a purchase, registration, or event URL to your banner and it instantly becomes a 24-hour-a-day salesman.

    PRO TIP: Even though its large size makes it ideal for sharing lots of important information, don’t overfill your banner to the point that it becomes difficult to read. The vinyl banners we produce at Custom Vinyl Graphics are waterproof, easy to hang, and easy to store when not in use. Available options include grommets and single or double-sided printing. Whatever your banner needs are, we’re here to help you maximize your fundraising dollars, optimize your event attendance, and increase awareness of your brand.

  • As You Lift Your Boat Out Of The Water, Why Not Lift Its Appearance Too?

    As You Lift Your Boat Out Of The Water, Why Not Lift Its Appearance Too?

    It’s summer time and the boating is easy. As much as we’d all love for it to last forever, even summer has an expiration date. As the long weekends, lazy afternoons, and sun strewn days of summer draw to an end, many boat owners are headed for fall and winter activities. Like their owners, boats are headed for the cooler days ahead. Your boat will be in dry dock soon making this is the perfect time to indulge your summertime vessel in its own cold weather redo. A facelift with new boat lettering and brand-new boat graphics are just the thing to take your boat from just another seafaring vessel to the talk-of-the-town next summer.

    Whether your boat is a yacht, speed boat, fishing boat, or ski boat, you’ll fall in love with it all over again when you change up its graphics. Custom Vinyl Graphics is proud to be your one-stop resource for boat graphics, boat lettering and marine pinstriping. Best of all, our vinyl won’t damage your boat in any way. They’re also the lowest price you’ll find in the area and the best quality anywhere. Our selection of fonts and materials can’t be beat, and our design services are unparalleled.

    Choosing decals, stripes, and custom boat lettering for your boat is easy when you visit our website. Creating a new look for your boat is easy. Simply show us a concept you want – or trust us to make a custom design just for you. Scour our online graphics, view our past jobs and work with us to create a one-of-a-kind design. Or send us a picture of boat graphics you like. We’d never copy anyone else’s work, but we can use it for inspiration to create a distinctive motif for your watercraft.

    Original boat lettering and creative boat graphics are what we do at Custom Vinyl Graphics. Our goal is to turn every boat into an object of unique beauty. Our promise is to create a design you’ll fall in love with. Our pledge is to turn every customer into a happy client. We have the experience, skill, and creativity you need to give your boat the makeover it deserves. When you’re ready for a unique design and upgraded graphics, email us for a fast, free, friendly quote. When summer is over and you’re ready to dock your boat for the fall and winter, take that opportunity to turn it into the best-looking boat on the water.

  • Boat Pinstriping Tape – Great for Attracting Attention on the Water!

    Boat Pinstriping Tape – Great for Attracting Attention on the Water!

    Boat pinstriping is a great way to make your marine vessel stand out from the crowd, and create eye-catching, detailed visual designs. Whether you’re a professional, using your boat for tours, fishing, or marine life observation, or you’re just a recreational boat owner, boat pinstriping tape can have a huge number of benefits for you.

    In this article, we’ll explore just a few of the benefits that pinstriping tape has, both for your business and for your personal life.

    1. Gives You an Outlet for Your Creativity

    One of the best things about vinyl pinstriping tape for boats is how versatile it is, and how many different ways in which it can be used. From simple “pinstripes” and other basic designs, to more elaborate custom graphics and boat names, the opportunities are endless.

    With just a few rolls of pinstriping tape, you can unleash your creativity, and begin creating beautiful, unique designs!

    2. Can Easily Be Removed and Changed

    Vinyl pinstriping tape is easy to remove if you decide that you don’t want it on your boat anymore, or that you’d like to change the design. Just use a heat gun or a hair dryer to heat up the tape, and remove it from the boat. It leaves behind minimal residue, which can be cleaned with adhesive remover sprays. It’s just that easy!

    3. Doesn’t Affect Your Paint or Gelcoat

    Because vinyl pinstriping uses high-quality adhesive that’s gentle and not full of harsh chemicals, it can be used on boats of all types without affecting the paint or damaging it in any way. You don’t have to worry about ruining your expensive paint or gelcoat, or harming the finish of your boat in any way – so you can decorate your vessel with confidence.

    4. Adds Visual Interest to Your Boat and Brings In More Customers

    If you run a business from your boat, or you’d simply like to promote your own business while boating, doing so is a great idea. Your boat is a giant, floating billboard – and it’s smart to use it!

    By putting information about your business onto your boat, and decorating it with bold, bright pinstripes, you can attract attention wherever you are. Whether you’re towing your boat, lowering it into the water, storing it in dry-dock or at the marina, or even just leaving it in your driveway, you’ll be able to attract more people to your business.

    5. Seasonal Decorations for Your Boat Can Attract Attention

    You can promote your business by using seasonal decorations on your boat. Fourth of July coming up? Time for some red, white and blue stripes! Ready for the autumn? Decorate your boat with black and orange stripes for Halloween! Football season? Purchase your favorite team’s colors, and deck your vessel out in custom pinstripes! No matter the season, you can use boat pinstriping to attract more attention – and customers.

    Put Pinstripes On Your Boat Today – Enjoy These Benefits!

    If you’re interested in these 5 benefits – and more – visit Custom Vinyl Graphics now, and add pinstripes to your boat today!

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