One Decal. Four Ways.

One vinyl decal applied four different ways.

Most people look at a decal and immediately describe its style in some way. They may say it’s “too wild,” or “too conservative.” But did you know you can achieve different results with the same decal? You can! The following factors can either "tone down" or "draw attention" to a decals style.


Imagine you find a decal you like but it’s not as impactful as you wanted. The color you choose plays a major role in the impact the decal has. For instance, if you choose a bright yellow decal for a black vehicle, won’t that create more of an impact than someone who chose a charcoal grey decal for that same black vehicle?


Generally speaking, anything positioned higher up, gets more attention than a decal that might be low to the ground. Take a crazy flame decal and put it lower than eye level and it automatically softens the impact of the decal. Take a simple tribal design and place it near the door handles and it all of a sudden stands out.


Every vehicle has a natural body line or curve. Following the cars indents and curves will make a decal feel like it flows with the body of the car or truck. However, position your decal on a diagonal or against the vehicle’s body line and it will draw your eye to it and demand attention.


You may say that tribal designs are too wild for you. But what if they were small? Would that have the same impact as if they were across the entire side of your car? No way. What about someone who’s patriotic? If they used red, white and blue pinstriping that was only 1” high, would that have the same effect as someone who covered their entire hood in 3-D realistic, red, white and blue flames?

We hope these examples give you more to think about when choosing a decal for your car, truck or boat. Your options are endless to make your vehicle unique and personalized for your style!