How to Measure Your Rear Window and Side Rear Windows

For REAR windows, measure the:

1. Width of the top
2. Width of the bottom
3. Height at the side
4. Height in the middle

Note the greatest width and greatest height to determine what size graphic you need.

If ordering a stock rear-window graphic, order one that is larger than your window, since each is trimmed-to-fit.

If ordering a custom rear-window decal, give us all four measurements so we can be sure your text/images are not cut off when you apply the graphic. Also, provide us with the height and placement of your rear wiper so that important text is not trimmed off during installation.

For SIDE REAR windows, measure the:

1. Entire width, from farthest point to farthest point
2. Height in the middle

Since all side rear windows are shaped differently, to ensure that your images/text are not trimmed off, email us a photo of your side rear windows.