Vehicle Wraps

Custom vehicle wraps

Our vehicle wraps advertise while you drive (or sit in traffic)!

custom designed vinyl decals


Let’s face it... it’s not just about how your vehicle looks. Anyone can create a “cool” design. But can you read the font? Does the image target your audience? Our experienced marketing professionals will ensure your wrap gets customers to act.

customer satisfaction guaranteed

Guaranteed Satisfaction...

You read that right...We don’t stop until you love your design! Make 50+ changes to your wrap and we NEVER charge an additional fee. Why? Because that's how we would want to be treated if we were the customer.

clear coat lamination for rear window graphics

Superior Material...

It may not mean much to you to know that we use "Avery Superior Wrap," but year after year you’ll appreciate the value & quality of our product. Customers tell us they became tired of the design before the wrap actually needed to be replaced!

Our Design Process...

la bottega van wrap

1. Find out your goal.
It is strictly brand awareness? Customer acquisition? Or is it a bit of both?

2. Understand your style.
We review your current advertisements, business cards, existing vehicles, signs and website. How do you want the design to represent you?

3. Consider your vehicle.
Using our computer generated templates, we discuss the body line of your vehicle. We take into consideration the location of creases, door handles, emblems etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my van is rusted or dented...can a wrap still be applied to it?

Yes.That’s the beauty of a wrap. For much less than the cost of a new van, you can wrap your old one and cover it’s imperfections while you are advertising.

I just don’t know if wrapping my vehicle is necessary... I’m not a big company.

That’s exactly the reason why you should wrap your vehicle. Competition in the tri- state area is fierce and you need to be able to level the playing field to compete. Besides, customers don’t need to know that you are small...many will only do business with companies they perceive to be “established.”

If I wrap my van, can I still drive on the parkways?

Vehicles with commercial plates are restricted from using the parkways. If you don’t have commercial plates, than you can wrap your van and still take the Southern State!

What if down the line I need to change my name or phone number?

If you know of a reason why that would happen in the near future, then wait. However, wraps are made in sections and if you are concerned that your phone number may change in the future, just let us know. We’ll try to keep the phone number on one section so that it can always be removed and replaced with new.

It’s also my personal truck... should I wrap it?

That’s a personal decision. Some people don’t mind wrapping their personal vehicles. Others do. For those that don’t like wrapping their personal vehicle, we recommend using our vehicle magnets that can easily be removed at the end of the work day.

I wouldn’t want my windows to be covered... isn’t that a safety issue?

Not at all. The window parts of a wrap are printed on different vinyl called “perforated” vinyl. Perforated vinyl is made up of 50% holes and 50% vinyl which allows you to see out (even though from the outside, people see the advertisment).

Most of the wraps I’ve seen have great images... I don’t have any photos and can’t afford to hire a photographer.

No problem! The internet gives us access to hundreds of thousands of images that can be purchased and used on your vehicle for less than $30 each! I don’t have a copy of my logo anymore so I don’t know if I can get a truck wrap for my business.The good news is that we can help you. Email us a scan of your business card or take a photo of your existing commercial trucks and we’ll see what needs to be done to recreate it.

I love those truck wraps but I don’t know how to make one and I don’t have the money to hire an artist.

No problem. Design service is INCLUDED in our price. We design it for you based on your feedback and directions. We’ll continue to email you proofs until the design is the way you want it. And, there’s never an extra charge for additional proofs.

I’ve been waiting to get my box truck wrapped until we get our website up and running.

Think of all the advertising you are missing out on while you are waiting. If your site is expected to go live shortly, then let’s start the design process and be ready when it is. If not, simply register your domain name and we can use that url on the vehicle. You can always have the page say “under construction,” or better yet, have a one page site with your contact information and business services.

I have another question that wasn’t answered here.

Please email us to sales @