Custom Wall Decals

Ordering is simple:

1) Choose your size.

2) Choose your wall type.

3) Upload your file.

We guarantee you'll love it.

removable and reusable wall decals

Removable & Reusable

Great for business or personal use. Our matte finish reduces glare and looks painted.

how to apply vinyl decals

Easy to Apply

Our wall material can easily be re-positioned and removed with no damage to the walls.

customer satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don't produce anything until you approve our proof!

   For Homes...

custom wall decals for home

Hand painting is expensive and because of that, you are likely to stay with the design long after you are tired of it. Not with Custom Wall Decals. Our decals are so inexpensive that you won't mind changing them as often as your child's interests change!

   For Businesses...

custom wall decals for business

With personalized vinyl wall decals, businesses can display their logo in their cafeteria, toddler room's can come alive with their favorite characters, college dorms display the personality of the student living there without the concern for nail holes from picture frames. Custom Wall Decals are approved by the toughest critics....moms and landlords!

Custom Vinyl Graphics Customer Testimonial

We guarantee you'll love it.

Custom Wall Decal Ideas

  • Apply your names in the lobby of the hall you are getting married in!
  • Add some flowers to your little girl's bedroom
  • Add some cars and trucks to your little boy's bedroom
  • Fly high by applying planes to your aspiring aviator's room
  • Show off your favorite quote above your patio door
  • Add impact with large Disney characters on the walls of your playroom
  • Advertise high profile customers' logos in your conference room
  • Enlarge photos of family members in your family room

Custom Wall Graphics Are Popping Up Everywhere!

Wall decals are very popular due to their ease of use, inexpensive price and beautiful ability to change a room. Our Custom Wall Stickers can be made from any photo or file you provide! They can be made any size you want as well. In fact, they can be made to completely cover an entire wall if you want a mural effect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I apply a wall decal?

To apply our customized wall stickers, follow these three simple steps: (1) plan ahead; (2) prepare the surface; and (3) apply.

First, plan ahead. Simply leave your wall decal lying flat for at least twenty-four hours prior to application; the decal should not be curled up when applied, despite it having been shipped in a tube. With regard to the specific wall, if it has been freshly painted, wait thirty days before applying a decal. Lastly, if you have used a paint with a dirt repellent additive, let us know so that we can use a different vinyl to guarantee adhesion to your wall.

To prepare the surface, spray the wall with alcohol and wipe dry.

Then, peel and stick the decal on the desired area. If the decal came with transfer paper, peel the transfer paper off, slowly, at a ninety degree angle. Starting from the middle, working your way out, rub the decal with a felt-wrapped squeegee to remove air pockets, bubbles and creases.

What supplies do I need to apply my wall decal?

All you need is the decal, alcohol for cleaning the desired wall space and a felt-wrapped squeegee.

What if I don't have the image I want?

We have partnered with to give you access to over fifty million photographs and illustrations. You can search using any keyword and when you find what you like, simply tell us the photo ID and we will take care of the rest!

What if my image is not clear or is fuzzy?

We recommend that you email us your photo if you are concerned if it is too fuzzy. We can recommend options once we see it. Email sales @ with your image and we will work with you to guarantee that your image is exactly as you desire.

Can custom wall decals be applied to plaster walls?

Of course! However, please indicate that you have plaster walls on the order page so that we use the correct wall vinyl for your specific application.

If I recently painted the wall in which I wish to apply my custom wall stickers, how long must I wait to do so?

You need to wait at least 30 days for the paint to cure before applying your new wall decal.

Can you make personalized vinyl wall decals to cover entire walls?

We sure can make custom wall murals! Email the details to us at sales @ for a custom quote.

How do I know what size will look good in my room?

Size is really a personal preference. We recommend looking at the area that you want to put the decal and then using painters tape to play around with different sizes of the wall that you would like to cover. Tell us your absolute max width or height and we will make sure to size your decal proportionately for the area.

How are your custom vinyl wall decals different from a custom fathead?

Our decals are no different. We have a much smaller advertising budget so you may not have heard of us on the radio or TV. However, we have the latest state-of-the-art equipment and only use the highest quality vinyl and inks. We've been in business since 2003 because we provide a quality product at an affordable price.

How can I contact you with any further questions?

Please email us at sales @ or call us at 1-877-979-2525.

We guarantee you'll love it.