Custom Rear Window Graphics

Our custom rear window graphics advertise your business and make a statement!

clear coat lamination for rear window graphics

Safety First...

Our exclusive ClearCoat(TM) lamination eliminates "Drop Fog" caused by rain and snow. Improved vision saves lives.

save money on vinyl decals

Free Shipping...

Our famous Low Price Guarantee just got better with free 2-3 day shipping via USPS Priority Mail!

how to apply vinyl decals

Easy Application...

Simply follow our step by step instructions to achieve a professional and flawless application.

Custom Designed For You...

Our designers realize that everyone is different... Some customers want flashy “in your face” decals. Others want subtle and tasteful. We pride ourselves in achieving what you want every time. But what if you don't know what you want? What if you don't have the right images or your overwhelmed by the task? For those customers, we hold your hand. We ask you questions, we find out what you want… and what you don't want.

Our graphic artists have been designing ads for over 30 years… Sit back…it's our job to understand you. And we astound our customers every time. In fact, we guarantee it! We will continue to work on your design until we have it the way you want it. That's not just a marketing statement. That's a fact. Customers love our products so much, they send us photos after they've installed their decals. View over 100 customer images now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size to order?

We have estimations of most vehicles so just enter your year/make/model and we'll set it up for you.

How does the process work?

Once we receive payment, we will start on your design and email you a proof. We will make changes until you are happy with the design. We will only begin production when we have received your written, final approval. Your custom job will be produced in approximately 7-10 working days. (If a Rush Service is needed, please contact us before you place your order.)

Should I order the ClearCoat(TM) lamination?

Lamination does two things for your rear window graphic decal: 1) it keeps the colors vivid longer by protecting the graphic from harmful UV rays, and 2) it prevents rain from distorting your vision (by getting into the tiny holes of the perforated vinyl). The water simply slides off the window because the holes have been covered by the clear laminate.

How do I care for my rear window decal?

All rear window decals are washable using regular soap and water. They can be washed by hand or by most automated car washes. Be extremely careful if using high pressure washers. Do not hold the pressure washer less than 12” from your rear window.

Can I use the defroster?

Of course. Using your rear window defroster will not damage your decal and is recommended when needed.

Will I be able to use my rear wiper?

You can certainly use your rear wiper.

Can I apply a rear window decal to a window that is already tinted?

There is absolutely no problem. Tint is applied to the inside of your windows and our decals are applied to the outside.

I have a sliding rear window. Can I still apply a decal to it?

It is not recommended unless you do not open and close your window. Either way, the warranty is voided when applying on sliders because the opening and closing will start to peel the corners of the decal.

Do you have application instructions?

Please read our INSTRUCTIONS for how to apply a rear window decal.

Can I apply my decal using soapy water or application solution?

Absolutely not. Rear window decals must be applied dry. You will actually not be able to see out if you use any solution.

How do I remove a rear window graphic?

Your graphic is made to last for years when left alone but can very easily be removed by simply peeling at the edges.

Do you have any other tips or advice for caring for my rear window graphic?

Do not use ice scrapers, abrasives, solvent cleaners or power washers on your graphic.